Everyone is looking for a way to save money. The food budget isn’t always an area you want to skimp on because it’s a real necessity. Plus, eating healthy might not always seem possible to do on a budget. There are ways to feed a family of four on a hundred dollars a week, though. And it doesn’t mean giving up healthy eating or some of your favorite foods either. Follow these tips to save money on your food bill.

How to Feed a Family of Four on $100 a Week

  • Shop the sales. Follow those weekly sales ads. Look for the places that have the best prices on the things you need. That might mean going to multiple stores to save the most money.
  • Buy in bulk. If you can get a membership to a shopping club, you can save a lot of money on meat.
  • Clip coupons. Be mindful of the coupons you use, though. If you have to buy two of something to save $0.50 on a third item, it might not be the best coupon. Use them in conjunction with sales and when you can use double and triple coupons as well.
  • Buy fruits and vegetables that are in season. We know you love your watermelon. But you will pay more for it in the winter than in the summer. So stick with the fruits and vegetables that are in season.
  • Brand name doesn’t always mean better. Oftentimes, the store brand is made in the same factory as the name brand. When you buy a name brand you are paying for the name. The store brand can be just as good as the name brand.
  • Cheaper cuts of meat can still be made to taste good. Buy a whole chicken instead of chicken pieces. Drain fat out of ground meat and rinse it after cooking instead of buying the more expensive lean ground meat. Stretch the meat by adding other sources of nutrition, such as mashed-up kidney beans, shredded zucchini, or whole-grain rice to your meat patties. It will make it not only healthier for you, but it will also make the meat last longer.
  • Canned fruits, vegetables, and even meats can save you money. Add canned chicken to casseroles and wraps. Use canned vegetables and fruit stored in its juices when money is tight. These items have a longer shelf life, so you can buy them in bulk.
  • Frozen fruits and vegetables can be just as good as fresh. When you’re craving a strawberry shake in the middle of winter and strawberries are not in season, you can use frozen to save you some money.
  • Make soups and stews. These are hardy meals that can be stretched far with healthy ingredients.
  • Utilize what’s in your fridge and your pantry. Revamping your leftovers into another meal with some items from your pantry will help stretch your food that much longer.
  • Don’t shop on an empty stomach. And make sure if you have to bring the kids with you that they are well fed as well. Otherwise, you might see some high price items sneak into your cart.

Following these tips will give you more food for the buck. You really can spend $100 a week to feed a family of four. And best of all – it can be done without sacrificing your health or that of your family.